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  1. Lets say I create a menu to be able to select the OS release I want (IE: Windows 10 1511 and Window 10 1607). How to assign the selection that is applied to the task sequence so that the right build will be applied? In your sample pictures you only have one apply OS step so not sure about the dynamic selection.

    • Hi Steve,

      There are multiple possible answers here depending upon exactly what you are doing and how you want to do it. If you simply have two images, one for 1511 and one for 1607, and you want to choose between them, then you can do one of two things (yep still multiple possible sub-paths):

      1. Use two Apply OS tasks. Each task applies one of the images. Then set a condition on each task that checks the value of a task sequence variable that you’ve defined so that only one of the Apply OS tasks is ever executed. Finally, in the frontend you are using, set up a question to ask the user which they want and set the value of the task sequence variable so that only the Apply OS task that corresponds to the user’s choice is run For example, the task sequence variable could be UserImageChoice and when they choose 1511 in the frontend, the value for this variable is set to 1511 and when they choose 1607 it’s set to 1607. Then, the condition for each task checks whether the UserImageChoice is set to 1511 or 1607 respectively.

      2. You could combine the two images into a single WIM which you use in the single Apply OS Image task. In your frontend, you set up a question the same as #1 that sets a task sequence variable to the index of the image in the unified WIM file — for example 1 for 1511 and 2 for 1607. You then set the built-in OSDImageIndex task sequence action variable to this same value. Then, when the task sequence gets to the Apply OS Image task, it uses the value in OSDIMageIndex (which your frontend set) to choose the appropriate image from the WIM specified in the task.

      As noted, there are other ways as well. Hope that helps though.

  2. So If I do it like this

    and then do

    Then I add in the two apply image steps and apply the check TS variable to see if the value for WHOSBLDSEL is set to 1511 or not?

    • Hi Steve,

      Pictures don’t go through in comments so not totally sure of the full meaning of your reply. It sounds like you’ve more or less followed what I wrote though. If needed, I’ll e-mail you directly.

  3. If you could email me directly I could really use some more help working out some additional logic here. I can send you my xml file and notes on what I want to do.